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The Future Belongs To Brands That Connect Ideas

Steve Jobs was creative precisely because he opened himself up to new experiences— studying calligraphy and Zen Buddhism, visiting an ashram in India, strolling the kitchen appliance section at Macy’s (the Apple II was modeled after a Cuisinart), or copying the Ritz-Carlton’s steps of service in the Apple Store (though the Genius Bar dispenses advice, […]

How to Build a Personal Brand in 5 Steps

I once heard a saying that hit me hard. It goes like this: “We all die twice: the first time when we take our last breath and the second time when our names are said for the last time.” Powerful, right? It made me think of personal branding. First of all, most things make me think […]

How Brands Compete And Win

Competitive brand battles can be drawn out affairs, outlasting the tenures of several management teams. They can also be very expensive, often requiring outlays in the hundreds of millions of dollars. In some cases, billions of dollars are involved. It’s not just Coke versus Pepsi. These battles occur in every industry and practically every product category. […]